18) CSS Tool (color party!)


18) CSS Tool (color party!)

The Expert Editor CSS Tool let’s you play around with the color scheme.
(June 2018: This is a beta feature. Not all UI colors can be changed, and it doesn’t yet apply to mobile view.)

I feel like a blue color scheme today!

Note: In this example, I changed Background Banners to the web color royalblue (hex value 4169E1) and the Tables HeadDrop to dark gray (hex value 303030).

If you do create custom CSS settings, it’s a good idea to write them down because they aren’t included in backups.

The default values:

  • Background
    • Page (surrounding blank area) = edf0f5h (bluish white)
      Content = ffffff (white)
      Banners (Pi-Star's main color) = dd4b39 (slightly grayish red)
  • Text
    • Banners = ffffff (white)
      BannersDrop (text drop shadow) = 303030 (dark gray)
  • Tables
    • HeadDrop (drop shadow) = 8b0000 (dark red)
      BgEven (lighter table row) = f7f7f7 (off white)
      BgOdd (darker table row) = d0d0d0 (light gray)
  • Content
    • Text = 000000 (black)
  • BannerH2 [This is not yet working.]
    • Enabled = 0 (off)
      Text = Some Text
  • BannerExtText [This is not yet working.]
    • Enabled = 0 (off)
      Text = Some long text entry

Note: „If you took it all too far and now it makes you feel sick,“ the CCS Tool’s Factory Reset button resets the CSS options back to their original settings.

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